It’s a smarter way of working

If you’re looking to improve productivity, you’ll love PIQNIC because it connects teams, workflows, and information together in one place.

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The single smart platform that ends digital chaos

Smart companies are using PIQNIC because it:

  • Delivers the modern way of working
  • Takes care of their information and access to it
  • Replaces the need to use multiple apps
  • Manages all the work – decisions, tasks, projects, documents, files, teams
    and communications
  • Reduces emails, meetings and other distractions
  • Secures their information, communications and data
  • Can be configured, managed and operated with ease

Smart companies demand positive customer and user experiences

We agree.

Here’s what you can expect from PIQNIC;

  • Beautiful software that’s easy to use
  • Continuous innovation. We listen
  • Accelerated digital workplace journey
  • Fanatical customer and partner support
  • External digital experience that’s free



PIQNIC is supported by real people

Our people become your people

They bring their broad and deep customer service expertise together with extensive product and industry knowledge to make PIQNIC shine for you

PIQNIC is a super platform that helps organize your business

We do this by connecting task management, team collaboration and document management.

The result is connected people, information and work, all in one place.

Work life really is a PIQNIC

Care about your people?

Your people get more satisfaction and contribute more in an open and collaborative culture.

PIQNIC is the super platform that smart companies use to attract, delight and retain the best people.


There are no term contracts, you pay monthly

We’ve created flexible and fair pricing plans. If you have a particular requirement
then talk to us about our value based enterprise plans that can be tailored to your specific need.